MYLAPS BibTag Timing System
The MYLAPS BibTag Timing System is designed to minimize logistics and is extremely user-friendly for participants. It is a timing system which attains the world’s standard with just a single tag attached to the bib number.

  • Works for running, cycling and multi-sports events
  • Unlimited number of participants and split points
  • The highest read-rates in the industry

ProChip Timing System

The ProChip Timing System is perfect for cycling, swimming and high-speed active sports and long distance competition. It measures athletes to the millisecond and instantly determines the undisputed winner.

Production of Race Bibs and Timing Chips

  • Race Bibs: Customized Design | Water-resistant Material
  • Timing Chips: Synchronous Update | Durable | Lightweight

Result Publication

The high read-rates and calculability of the timing system allow efficient consolidation of results regardless of participant quota and checkpoint numbers. Participants can access to their result online and share with their friends and family soon after the Race.


Registration and Instant Confirmation

  • To provide an online registration platform, with a wide range of e-payment methods, to simplify the whole process as much as possible
  • Instant confirmation to successful applicants

Database Management

  • To tailor-make technical program and provide technical support in securing the accuracy and monitoring the data base
  • To monitor the registration progress and provide daily statistic report to the Organizer

Participants’ Communication

To build stronger connections with participants attending your event by utilizing all means of communications, online & offline

  • Hotline Services
  • Email Communicaitons
  • eDM
  • SMS, etc.


Customized Design

Customized design service of certificate is available. We can bring your ideas to life, from incorporating company logo & iconic mascot to fiddling with your corporate colours. We hope participants will be of great joy and satisfaction receiving the certificate after the Race.

Seamless Synchronization & Efficient Access

The e-Certificates seamlessly synchronize with the latest database of timing system delivering high accuracy. Participants can access and download their individual e-Certificates soon after the event.


Brand new race experience for participants and extensive exposure for sponsors

  • Detailed Event Information
  • Live Tracking
  • Personal Training Plan
  • Customized Sponsor Opportunities